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SCMX Welcomes New Members!


Joining and Becoming A Member Of The Club

South Coast Motocross Club offers a really great day for the whole family interested in riding/racing motocross. We as a club offer all levels of riding from mild enthusiasm, amateur and expert riders and also many family combinations riding on our club practice days and race days. The great family atmosphere means the whole club and committee get involved on race days, ride days, cooking the BBQ, running the canteen or being a major offical at all events. 

For anyone who is interested in learning how to ride, race and/or officiate at a race meeting. There are multiple benefits of being part of a group of dedicated people who take their part in the club seriously and make sure that every event is run in a safe and professional manner, within the Motorcycling South Australia and Motorcycling Australia guidelines.

Anyone who has the skills and drive to become an offical within the club and in SA. There is always a need for more volunteers, and all is gratefully accepted. 

The cost of membership is very reasonable and runs annually starting in January each year. There are several ways to join the club as follows;

  • Go to the Links & Policies section of the site and print out the appropriate forms. Fill them out and send them to us with your payment

The club is open to all ages and stages of rider from nippers upwards

The club runs mainly Motocross events for all ages. Over the whole year the club facilitates and runs over 10 events for riders to be a part of.  Our races normally run from March through to September each year, with junior and senior Training events throughout the year.

To be able to compete you will need to have a number of different documents and licences depending upon your age and stage - all of these can be obtained on the day of racing, but it is a good idea to joining up before hand and save yourself some money overall.


What You Will Need

To compete in a race, riders will need to have the following :

  • A race-safe bike (see scrutineering below)

  • A race licence

  • Junior riders need your Junior Logbook 

What You Need To Race:


You will need to complete 5 Hours in the Junior Coaching Logbook, (Please note that riders need 5 Hours of Junior Coaching in the CC of the bike they intend to race. Change CC's means another 5 hours of training.)  A Club Membership, Racing Licence. Under 16's are required to have a completed temporary guardianship form if their parent is unable to attend. 

If you are under 16 years of age then you must have a log book (yellow/green book) to participate at any of our events, which is obtained from Motorcycling SA after completing a kickstart training day with one of our coaches. You will also need to download the file below called "South Coast Motocross Club Membership Form". 



Club Membership, Racing Licence.

If you are over 16 years of age then you need to download the file "South Coast Motocross Club Membership Form". Remember you can sign up for club membership and get a day licence to race on the day of an event too if that’s easier.

Bike Scrutineering

All bikes have to be presented to the race scrutineers before competing in an event, to make sure the bikes are safe to compete and they comply with the Motorcycling Australia rules. It may seem scary your first time but it will become second nature after the first couple of times. There is plenty of officials, committee and club members willing to help - you just need to ask. 

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