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SCMX Welcomes New Committee

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the 2021 committee for all their hard work and dedication for the club this year. They have worked extremely hard in securing the future of the club for its long term survival at its current location.

With have see record numbers in club memberships and had a successful club series that has been well supported by riders and spectators.

Welcome to the 2022 committee


President - Dale Chadbourne

Vice President - Daniel Banks

Secretary - Robyn Kitchen

Treasurer - Adam Paues


Race Secretary - Makayla Kitchen

MSA Delegate - Jamie Gwiazda

Rider Representative - Elijah Wiese

Sponsorship/Fundraising - Natasha Sky

Publicity Officer - Makayla Kitchen


Kara Barton

Trent Chadbourne

Scott Chapman

Josh Coulter

Simon Davey

Simon Dower-Adams

David Freeborn

Matthew Pfeiler

Dylan Schmidt


Melissa Hartwell

Kristy Herzich

Robyn Kitchen

Jo Rochow

Jane Whitelock

Senior First Aid and Child Protection Officers

Robyn Kitchen

Makayla Kitchen

Once again thank you to our 2021 committee and we wish the 2022 committee all the best

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