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Bridgeland x South Coast 2021

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

South Coast Motocross Club is pleased to say that we will continue our partnership with Bridgeland Motorcycles in 2021.

Bridgeland’s is unique in the industry with three premium brands Honda-Suzuki-Yamaha and over 200 New and Used in stock. Bridgeland work hard to maintain its fair share of market in the industry. Competitive pricing and sincere customer service are keeping hard earned dollars in the local community. Want the bike but running short of cash to purchase what you want? Bridgeland offer you easy and competitive rate finance available through Yamaha Moto Finance, Honda Financial available and Suzuki Finance.

Bridgeland are here for you and - Bridgeland is all about you - the customer - and your experience - because if it is good for you then it is good for Bridgeland too. BRIDGELAND - Giving you the choice - The Spirit of Freedom

To get in contact or find our more information on products or service, call them on 08 8532 5722 or go to their website

Thank you again to Scott, Jacque and the Bridgeland team for your on going support!

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